AASA Marketing Executives Council (MEC)

The Marketing Executives Council (MEC) is a forum for automotive aftermarket supplier marketing executives to collaborate on issues facing the North American manufacturer base. The MEC serves a major role in helping AASA communicate to key audiences and develop communication strategies and action items. This is the first and remains the only council ever created strictly for aftermarket supplier marketing executives; non-supplier / non-AASA companies are not allowed to become members, but may be invited to participate at meetings. The MEC will focus on solving challenges and create opportunities to improve the image and strength of the North American aftermarket supplier. Council meetings will also serve in the continuing education of new technologies, marketing avenues, trade show activities, research and other related topics for its members.


The MEC is open to marketing executives of regular AASA member companies (aftermarket suppliers only – no affiliate members). Two representatives from each company can participate; one as a regular member and one as an alternate; should be the highest level marketing executive within the company or for the automotive aftermarket. Dues include a portion to cover meeting expenses and overhead as well as a portion dedicated to special projects.


The MEC meets regularly at mutually agreed upon times and locations selected by the slate of officers. A roundtable format is followed, and meetings are normally conducted in one day between the hours of 10:00 am until 4:00 pm. An issues format is the primary approach used where previously identified subjects are presented and discussed and the exchange of opinions, ideas and issues result in resolutions or a plan for further investigation and analysis is agreed upon. Discussion on price, specific promotions, and/or other terms of sale is expressly prohibited. Legal council is present at most meetings.

Know Your Parts®

The Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA) Know Your Parts® initiative is an industry awareness and education campaign spearheaded by the AASA Marketing Executives Council (MEC). Click here for more information.